Open daily from 8.00 A.M to 8.00 P.M for treatments, Vaccinations and Health Check ups, for cats , dogs and exotic pets.

Veterinary Laboratory

Laboratory investigation of your pet (E.g. Blood, Urine, feces etc)done in a well equipped lab with modern technology and from a trained experienced veterinary laboratory technician. We are ready to provide our service from 8.00 A.M – 8.00 P.M daily.

Mobile Veterinary Service

A doctor will visit your pet at your place for check ups, vaccinations and treatments. This service is available from 8.00 A.M – 5.00 P.M every day on prior appointments and would be beneficial if you are having difficulties to take your pet to a doctor.


We are doing surgeries on almost all the pets including dogs, cats, birds and rabbits. We are provided with gaseous anesthesia, patient monitoring equipment’s and well trained staff. Surgeries done on prior appointments except on emergency situations. All the surgeries including spay and neuter done at compatible charges.

Field Programs

Best care animal hospital conduct mass surgical programs in field upon requests. We have specially designed well equipped unit with fully trained staff who are also capable of catching street dogs for spay and neuter surgeries which are done to meet international standards.

Hospital / Wards

We have a ward for those who need inward treatments at a serene ,relaxing place near polgasowita. Each patient is having a separate cage and doctors are always there to take care of your pet.

Pet Taxi

We provide transportation for your pets (cats and dogs only) to any where you desire within the country.(Eg: to take treatments, for any investigation or any trans location or new adoptions)This service is available 8.00 A.M-6 .00 P.M daily on prior appointments.

Boarding and Hospitalized Care PDF Print E-mail

Are you going away for vacation? Looking for a safe place to keep your four legged friend? Then we are here to look after your pet while you’re on vacation. At Best care Animal Hospital we provide boarding facilities for your pets when you’re away with your family on holiday. No need to worry or hassle about your pet while your away, we will look after your pet with great love and care until you return.

We have built special boarding kennels to meet your requirements that your pet won’t miss his or her home.  Our friendly staff and the clean environment   will keep your canine and feline friends healthy and happy and they will feel like staying at home. One of our vets visits the kennels every day and the in house staff is there to make sure that your pet is safe. We know that your pet is a part of your family and we promise to look after your four legged friends with love and care until you return.

Apart from boarding kennels we have a separate set of kennels for hospitalization of animals. If you find it difficult to give medicines for your pet we are here to assists you.  We have a trained team of dog handlers who will stay in the kennels 24 hours to look after your pet’s health with great care and love. Apart from the staff a veterinary doctor will be visiting and checking all the animals who are hospitalized for treatments daily. You can keep in touch with the doctor to check on your pet’s health progress.