Open daily from 8.00 A.M to 8.00 P.M for treatments, Vaccinations and Health Check ups, for cats , dogs and exotic pets.

Veterinary Laboratory

Laboratory investigation of your pet (E.g. Blood, Urine, feces etc)done in a well equipped lab with modern technology and from a trained experienced veterinary laboratory technician. We are ready to provide our service from 8.00 A.M – 8.00 P.M daily.

Mobile Veterinary Service

A doctor will visit your pet at your place for check ups, vaccinations and treatments. This service is available from 8.00 A.M – 5.00 P.M every day on prior appointments and would be beneficial if you are having difficulties to take your pet to a doctor.


We are doing surgeries on almost all the pets including dogs, cats, birds and rabbits. We are provided with gaseous anesthesia, patient monitoring equipment’s and well trained staff. Surgeries done on prior appointments except on emergency situations. All the surgeries including spay and neuter done at compatible charges.

Field Programs

Best care animal hospital conduct mass surgical programs in field upon requests. We have specially designed well equipped unit with fully trained staff who are also capable of catching street dogs for spay and neuter surgeries which are done to meet international standards.

Hospital / Wards

We have a ward for those who need inward treatments at a serene ,relaxing place near polgasowita. Each patient is having a separate cage and doctors are always there to take care of your pet.

Pet Taxi

We provide transportation for your pets (cats and dogs only) to any where you desire within the country.(Eg: to take treatments, for any investigation or any trans location or new adoptions)This service is available 8.00 A.M-6 .00 P.M daily on prior appointments.

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We offer you the luxury of a mobile veterinary service unit, which operates from 8 a.m to 5 p.m every day. If you need any treatment ranging from wound treatment, vaccinations, rash treatment, tick treatment etc.. for your pet, you can simply call us on 0773400800 and one of our veterinarians along with an assistant will be there to serve you.

General Health Checkup PDF Print E-mail

As the most commonly accepted fact, “Prevention is better than Cure” taking your pet every six months or so for a general health check-up will help you identify any emerging health problems of your pet, whilst giving you an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have – be it difference in the food / water intake, behavioral problems, fleas or tick borne issues or any other general queries you may have.

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Vaccinations have become commonplace for animals today, as they can effectively prevent potentially serious diseases like distemper and rabies . Not only can regular vaccinations protect your pet's health, they can also keep the human members of your family healthy as well--some canine and feline illnesses can be transferred to humans.

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Spaying or neutering your pet is an important decision for pet owners. As animal lovers who value our pets, it is important to understand the impact of this decision. Millions of pet deaths each year are a needless tragedy. By spaying and neutering your pet, you can be an important part of the solution.Many people believe that their pet's puppies or kittens would never become homeless shelter animals. But the reality is that every time the dog finds his way under the fence to visit the neighbor's female dog, or the indoor/outdoor cat comes back home pregnant again, the result is a litter of dogs or cats. Even if they are placed into homes, it is still possible for them to end up in shelters once they become "hard to handle," or for them to reproduce further and for the next generation of puppies or kittens to wind up homeless.

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Unfortunately, accidents do happen. When a medical emergency befalls our furry friends, pet parents may find it difficult to make rational decisions. That's why it's crucial to have an emergency plan in place-before you need it. Your dog may need emergency care because of,

Tick and Flea Treatment PDF Print E-mail

Fleas can cause severe damage allergic skin reactions and anemia in pets and can transmit tapeworms. Fleas are easily spread between humans and animals.